Ito Ranch from Matsusaka Beef

Availabilities from April 2024. Contenders must submit Ito Ranch Web Form before June 30, 2024.

2024 年 4 月から利用可能です。候補者は提出する必要があります 2024 年 6 月 30 日までに伊藤牧場申請書を提出してください。

“Ito Ranch beef is a work of art of meat”, Yukio Hattori (Ryoku Tsushin, Aug 2017)

To apply for your Ito Ranch Licence, please submit this web form. We will respond shortly.

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Apply for Ito Ranch Licence in 3 Simple Steps

Limited number of licences available due to small import quantities. First applicants take priority. Restaurants in Europe may apply only.

1. Submit Web Form

We will send you the
Application Contract.

2. Email Application Contract

Licences may be granted only when we can guarantee your beef specs.

3. Get The Licence

We will ship your membership
signboard and licence certificate.

Membership Signboard

Licenced restaurants receive the custom Ito Ranch Signboard with the restaurant’s name and membership’s identification number.

Know More About Our Company

We love Japanese impossible products. We challenge the rules that retain these gems in their country of origin so we can deliver them to you.

“When we brought Crown Melon from Fukuroi to Europe, it was something personal. Fukuroi is my home town. Had I known it was impossible, I don’t think I would have tried. At Akaneya Prime, I think it all started by learning that lesson. Now, we are taking Ito Ranch from Matsusaka Beef out of Japan for the first time in their 60 years of existence.”

Chiho Murata
President of Akaneya Group

We are honoured to handle these wonders throughout our distribution service. Akaneya Prime. You may try them at any of our Akaneya family of restaurants in Europe.

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